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Available now for temporary sleeping usage and shelters.

Product Benefits:

  • Fluid-Resistant
  • Bedbug Proof
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Tear Resistant
  • Self-Deodorizing
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Anti-Static
  • Stain Resistant
  • Compliant with federal fire regulations for hospital use

As a healthcare and institutional mattress manufacturer, we know the numerous health concerns and needs of a patient.

Mattress designs, as well as comfort levels, help address health issues that impact bed-ridden patients. These issues include bed sores and skin shearing.

Our mattresses range from economy models that are perfect for healthcare and governmental facilities to top-of-line, fully adjustable models that are ideal for homes and long-term care facilities.

Inventory. We have approximately 30,000 sq. ft of inventory containing all necessary products to build a mattress, including healthcare and institutional mattress ticking.

Production. Our production plant is capable of manufacturing approximately 500 health care mattresses per day, with the capacity of adding additional work shifts and/or subcontracting.

Logistics. Our fleet of trucks is able to deliver within the State of Florida on a daily basis. We also have a freight liner that allows to deliver outside the State of Florida.

Experience. United Mattress has been in the mattress industry since 2010 and is proud to work with numerous governmental and private entities in the healthcare and institutional industries, such as: Pride Enterprises, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Hillsborough County Clerk of Court, University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, etc. Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.