As a hotel mattress manufacturer, we know what it takes to make durable, luxurious beds that will keep your customers coming back again and again. 

What makes us different than other hospitality bedding suppliers? 

While many other companies make their mattresses with assembly line machines, we make ours by hand. That means that each layer of coils, foam, and fabric is examined closely to ensure that there are no flaws. It’s hard to find another hotel mattress manufacturer that does that.

Made to Order: Hotel room sizes vary, along with your budget and mattress preferences. If you have odd shaped rooms that can’t accommodate the same size mattress as the rest of your complex, you just have to give us your requested mattress dimensions, and we will make what you need. And whether you prefer innerspring mattresses, latex foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses or something in between, we can make them all for you within your budget.

Durability Matters: Our hotel quality mattresses are built to last, and made to be comfortable for more than just sleeping. Since guests use beds to relax while working, get comfortable for phone calls, and aid in getting dressed, edge support is tremendously important. You need a hotel mattress manufacturer that will build your beds to ensure many years of use – and United Mattress Materials does just that.


The traditional bigger brands have a strong presence in the hospitality sector for decades. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and yes even reputable mattress manufacturers are finding new ways to reach their customers and make more money. Hotels and B &B’s offer exclusive mattresses built just for them that conveniently during your stay become an overnight test rest. This is an ingenious way for mattress builders and hotels to achieve huge retail success and profits.  It makes money for the manufacturer, the stock holders, and yes even brings additional revenue in for the overnight establishment. They woo you with claims of a commercial grade quality, brand name mattresses.

Is It Really A Commercial Grade Mattress?

In most cases not. The fact is that just because they change a fabric cover, put an exclusive name on it or change a layer or two, does not make it worthy of being called commercial grade.